Volcanos30-bluepu-88049-bl Volcano S30 Nitro Truck

Vehicles, Volcano S30 Nitro Truck
Manufacturer: Redcat Racing
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Manufacturer part number: VOLCANOS30-BLUEPU-88049-BL
GTIN: 0609132480591
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Are you ready for an adrenaline explosion? Faster and more powerful than the Volcano SV, the 4WD Volcano S30 is equipped with a 3.0cc SH-18 2-stroke nitro engine and is ready to heat up the neighborhood. Screaming exhaust erupts from the performance header and tuned pipe, while you shiver from excitement! A durable 2.5mm aluminum alloy chassis provides a sturdy foundation for the Volcano S30’s power and performance.

Eight aluminum capped oil filled coil over shocks and independent suspension offer rock solid performance as the soft compound monster truck tires throw dirt in your face. Fear not! Disc brakes and a 2.4GHz radio system ensure control, for those who dare to unleash the power of the Volcano!



  •          Motor Type : Nitro 3.0cc .18 SH

  •          Transmission : Single Speed

  •          Drive System : 4 Wheel Drive

  •          Length : 420mm

  •          Width : 330mm

  •          Height : 185mm

  •          Wheelbase : 275mm

  •          Ground Clearance : 30mm

  •          Fuel Tank Capacity : 75cc

  •          Chassis Type : 2.5mm 6061 Aluminum

  •          Brake Type : Composite Disc

  •          Shocks : Aluminum Capped Oil Filled

  •          Radio System :2.4GHz Radio System